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're prepared to open up a diplomatic channel. after rouhani was elected, there was some acceleration leading up to the u.n. general assembly. you'll recall that rouhani was engaging in what was termed a charm offensive, right, and he was going around talking to folks. and at that point, it made sense for us to see, all right, how serious are you potentially about having these conversations. they did not get highly substantive in the first several meetings but were much more exploring how much room, in fact, did they have to get something done. and then as soon as they began to get more technical, at that point, they converged with the p5-plus-1 discussions. i will say this -- the fact of rhouhani's election -- it's been said that there's no difference between him and ahmadinejad except that he's more charming. i think that understates the shift in politics that took place in this election. obviously, rouhani is part of the iranian establishment and i think we have to assume that his ideology is one that is hostile to the united states and to israel. but what he also represents is the desire on
is an interesting question. you would not be that in a state where there is an election system only. wortha asks for the net of the judges. they each other own particular brand of things. as our states to, they all have unique identities. host: do judges typically answer these types of questions openly? it is hard to know, but some film out with more diligence than others, some judges go above and beyond. they are not required to say how many shares they own in a stock in some judges did. some judges say i think this is important, i will put it out there, and just as war and silver in maine -- justice warren silver in maine was not required to disclose a much younger than a stock and he did. some judges went above and beyond. it's hard to know it's judges did not disclose everything. it is the unknown. in a lot ofpeak generalities in the sense that i have earnings say between $1000 and $20,000. i'm just throwing it out there. it is never nailed onto a specific total. at least from what i read. guest: some states do as war and totals, but a lot of them do use really broad ranges. there is a big d
for the democratic party can win elections outside of massachusetts, and is this an active debate for the democratic coalition now? >> ok, so when you poll the public on things like education, jobs -- people want good jobs. people want the american dream. if you look at doug sosnik's recent blog post, which i think was not in "atlantic" but in "politico"? sorry. i think it is totally right that one of the great unifying factors in this country was if you work hard, and play by a set of fairness rules, you should do ok. and our guidepost was -- are our kids, the next generation, are they doing better than we are? that has changed. and people are really anxious about that. they want to work hard and they want to do ok. so i think there is -- when i looked at the elections, in 2013, chris christie won in new jersey, that is true, but so did minimum wage expansion. terry mcauliffe won in virginia, walsh in boston, deblasio in new york. toledo, the person who was pro- public education -- >> could you speak up? >> sorry. the person who was pro-education won. so there is something going on in the country t
photos for cbs radio. i'm curious about your plan for covering the upcoming congressional election and onthat the presidential election. >> i think we know we want to break a lot of entertaining news and stories. there's a lot of political scoop that now is just a tweet. it was something that was never that interesting and could be contained in 142 characters if somebody's press secretary quit. sometimes there's no more to say than that. sometimes just publishing something on twitter will absorb the small incremental stuff which is great because it's kind of a waste of time. you feel like you were stretching to fill out 400 words. but i don't know. i think basically we want to break news and do really like, you know, deep reporting and and those are the things that -- and we what to do fun sbrertaining stuff. politics has been about power but also gossip and personalities if you ever talk about these politicians that's what they want to talk about. . it's all woven up together we aim to do all of that and yeah, that's all i've got. thank you, guys so much for having me. thank you a
, and the democratic party is more diverse than we are. it is why they're winning more elections. some of the diversity is also we need to appeal to people in cities. some of that is ethnically related. we need to use all the big cities. we have to change. we will not be able to win nationally again, and some people are stuck in a rut on this. a lot of people are waking up. the michigan gop knows we have to do better if we're going to win. >> i am bringing it on home with the last two questions. what are your thoughts on obamacare? too many questions. i had to ask you three. >> i may need a couple hours. it is unraveling on its own effects. i was telling jonathan that i think it is not that government is inherently stupid, although that is a debatable point. it is that they do not get the right incentives. the business would be run this way because you would be run out of business immediately. we have put into law perverse incentives. people who had cheap insurance no longer can buy that. it is what they could afford and that is the only way they had it. i was one of them. i used to have family coverag
the course of my elected political life. but it is really nice to be able to come here today and congratulate both of them in person for the incredible work than they have done to further strong relationships between the united states and israel. um, as all of you have seen in the last 24 hours, has become an invaluable expression of not just their personal commitment, but our ability to come together to talk about complicated issues. it is already the 10th anniversary. during that short span of time, it is safe to say this has become the premiere venue for a u.s.-israel public dialogue. surpriset is no because there is a lot to talk about. -- i will just share are you quickly, haim and i about the same age. when we were each in high school, haim in tel aviv and me in new england, we both picked up the bass guitar and we dreamed of making it big as rock stars. if you ever heard the music that my bandmates and i made, and you can go on youtube and actually that my you would know first true act of public service was when i stopped playing public gigs. [laughter] maybe that is why i wound up as
change from journals into politics and he came the president of colombia in 2010. he was elected for a four-year term that was elected -- extended to 2014. he received more votes than any candidate in the history of colombian democracy. run for reelection and next year's presidential election. he wants to be able to finish the peace process that he started. he campaigned in 2010 on a platform to carry on the offensive against the leftist guerrillas who waged war against the government for decades. as president, he opened talks farc.he main rebel group, they reached a draft agreement recently and we expect that president santos will tell us about the negotiations and the chances for an ultimate peace agreement. these agreements could well be the central issue in next year's presidential election. one opponent is calling for an end to the peace talks. another former president of columbia says that he favors someone who's president will take a harder stance against the rebels. that join me in giving a warm press club welcome to colombian president one man well santos -- juan manuel
for the president of the united federation of teachers. she served as president for 12 years before her election as a ft president in 2008. that ends the biographical portion of the program. as always, we are on the record here. please no live blogging retweeting or other means of filing well this is underway. there is no embargo on the breakfast. our friends at c-span have agreed not to air video of the session until one hour after the broadcast is over to give reporters time to file. give me a nonthreatening signal and i will call on one and all. low on the subtleties scale, but nonthreatening anyway. he nonthreatening is what i'm concerned about. we will offer our guests the opportunity to make some opening comments and then we will move around the table. >> first of all i just want to say thank you for all of you for being here. and thank you for letting me engage in this give-and-take with everyone. can you hear me? i am an asthmatic. when i am sitting instead of standing, i have to actually really use my lungs. it is an interesting -- i riff on that a little bit, because it is interesting
and propose correct elections. we found six barrels remain noncompliant in this area are both cycles of our inspections. generally, bear management did not provide adequate oversight to ensure sales timelier complete. we correlation to sao noncompliance in bank into a temporary director or manager positions for advance or greater. currently, we are assessing bba's initiatives to improve claims processing and eliminate the backlog. we are reviewing the initiative vba began on april 19, 2013 to process within 60 days i'll claims over two years old. i've know, we determined 10 of 11 provisional rating decisions at the los angeles burial were not compliant with vba guidance. we found the director's office had enough conflict think i'd just ask or require provisional ratings without supporting medical evidence. concerned that additional errors they exist, we recommended that bba review for accuracy all 170 provisional rating completed by the los angeles bureau after the conflict has issued. findings from our ongoing audit of the veterans benefit management system, vba suggests in progress. while
as a potential candidate in the next presidential election, though he himself has not made any formal announcement. event is part of c-span's road to the white house 2016 coverage. [applause] >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. on this nice, brisk detroit michigan day. introduce dr. to rand paul, the junior senator from kentucky. he was elected in 2010 and certainly has made his mark in a very short time. he has proven to be an outspoken champion for constitutional liberties and fiscal responsibility. and a warrior against government overreach. among his first legislative proposals, cutting a $500 billion federal spending proposal and a plan to balance the federal budget in just five years. he has since introduced several bills with growing support. in the senate, he serves on the foreign relations committee. education, labor and pension, homeland security, and government affairs and the small business community. a graduate of the duke university school of medicine, he was a practicing ophthalmologist in bowling green, kentucky, for 17 years. 1995, he founded the southern kentuck
participation requirements of 70% -- the insurance carrier can require that percentage of the employees to elect the coverage. many carriers require the employer pay a significant percentage of the premium paid sometimes 100% of the cost. the concept that the employer is only going to pay for the coverage based on the 9.5% rule is not the case, not for smaller players and not for large employers. employers are paying significantly more, especially as of the fact that they cannot know household income. the discrimination rules, which have yet to be issued, or a antinuing concern -- are continuing concern. the senior counsel indicated to me that they cannot enforce those rules. it is what we have experienced in actual practice, even when there is an audit they asked to see the testing, check it off their list, and they are done with the issue. will be extremely difficult for them to do so for small insured plans. and very difficult for the employers to coordinate a nondiscriminatory program across various companies in different industries and states. automatic enrollment, if the group should happe
that the law was constitutional and the election where we chose one later who advocated one approach over a later advocated another. as we look going forward to the next five years in particular, i would say that there are going to be five very specific levels within which all of this is going to unfold and for which we will see enormous transformational change. the first and most imminent factor perhaps will be congress itself. congress is unlikely to change the affordable care act finding the necessary votes in both the house and senate and getting the necessary presidential signature so i don't expect any immediate changes with regards to the law itself but we do have an enormous opportunity to change the public programs, medicare and medicaid recognizing that it is a significant budget and cost driver and realizing that by simply changing these two major programs, they can be an engine for change in the entire healthcare marketplace. there, congress has a choice between cutting programs and just shifting the cost on to somebody else, which we have done all too often or redesigning and
bush. i think -- a sickly this election cycle, i am like a plus size men's store. i'd either go in big or tall. if the tall guy does not take me to the prom, i am going with the big guy. jed is bicultural. he is not just bilingual, he is by cultural -- bicultural. we would consider him hate hispanic. give the game changer when it comes to the has anecdote. -- hispanic vote. been added his entire life. he is not pandering. this is what he has been working on his entire time. voiceld bring a temporary to the debate. he is thoughtful. temperate voice to the debate. he is thoughtful. he has a broad international portfolio than what i think chris christie does. i do not know what his is. if hillary clinton were a candidate, that is going to matter. is goinghink hillary to be the candidate, but i seem to be in the minority. i think jeb bush would be be best candidate to change it. the question is, looking at that picture of george w. bush, people say they do not want another bush. their summary people who told me that. they think it is terrifically piers morgan asked no clinton, who would ma
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)